59 year old landlady Arrested For Connecting her home up with NNPC pipeline

ms olayinka ayinde pipeline landlady
Ms olayinka ayinde pipeline landlady

The Lagos State Police force in have announced the arrest of a 59 year old landlady, Ms Olayinka Ayinda after she was alleged to have carried out an audacious act of vandalism and bunkering by connecting a her private well to a Pipeline belonging to Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) which granted her easy access to petroleum products.

In what should rank as the most brazen act of pipeline vandalism and oil theft ever connected, Ms Olayinka Ayinda did connect a pipe inside her water well to the NNPC pipeline which ran beneath her house and was siphoning fuel illegally for over three years now. She was arrested and held for questioning at the Idimu Police Division for the act of vandalizing the NNPC pipeline and siphoning pms in the Lagos suburb of Isheri Olofin.

The criminal activities took place at the Lagos suburb of Isheri Olofin, on KM 1, Lasu Road, Iyana Odo bus stop. However, it was uncovered by Police officers from the Anti-Vandalism Intelligence Unit Team B which was set-up by the current inspector general of police, Mr Solomon Arase after the unit received an anonymous tip.

She has allegedly admitted to the crime after her arrest, confessing that for over three years, petroleum product vandals have been operating out of her house and that she even reported the vandals to the NNPC but they did nothing to halt the vandal’s activities. She however denied any involvement in the brazen act and she said the only error on her part was that she did not report the activities of the vandals to the police because she had earlier told the NNPC, who’s officials asked her not to worry.

According to the Landlady, officials from the NNPC usually came in teams and she did’nt bother to verify whether they were real officers or not. At the compound, which has now been taken over by armed officers, some Kegs used for the storage of scooped pms were seen scattered all over.

Ms Olayinka Ayinde is however still under police detention where she is provided her written statement to the team of investigators. Sources close to the case have said that there is a likelihood that she might be transferred to Abuja to undergo further interrogations, given that her alleged offense is very the severe.

ms olayinka ayinde pipeline landlady
Ms olayinka ayinde pipeline landlady


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