Northern powerbrokers alleged to have given Osinbajo conditions under which they will back him

Osinbanjo and Buhari
Osinbanjo and Buhari

They are rumours that the acting president Professor Yemi Osinbajo has been given five conditions he must agree to before there can be any peaceful transition of power to him in the event of President Muhammadu Buhari being unable to resume office.

Since December, the President has taken refuge in London, having written to the National Assembly informing it that he was embarking on a 10-day medical leave between December 23 and January 6. He handed over to Professor Osinbajo who has been running the country in his absence but last weekend, President Buhari wrote back to the National Assembly asking that his leave be extended.

Amid fears that President Buhari may not be well enough to resume duties, it is believed that Professor Osinbajo may end up running the country until 2019. This is reportedly causing anxiety among politicians of northern extraction, who have apparently given him conditions under which they will allow Professor Osinbajo assume office.

Osinbanjo and Buhari
Osinbanjo and Buhari

Reports state that the political heavy-weights who have been left helpless with the reality of the current situation and have failed to force Professor Osinbajo to turn-in his resignation, have insisted that if he assume the mantle of leadership, he must promise not to run for president in 2019. They have also insisted that Professor Osinbajo’s deputy must be a Muslim northerner.

Furthermore, the powerbrokers are insisting that the Vice President must ensure that Nigeria remains united at all costs. Apparently, they are demanding that the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu is not released and the government suppresses and clamps down on Pro Biafra activities in the country.

In addition, the politicians are insisting that most key positions held by northerners under the regime remain untouchable. Lastly, they insist that Professor Osinbajo must not probe notable northern politicians who have been indicted of corrupt practices and embezzlement under President Buhari’s administration.

The reports further allege that the northern politicians have warned that should the vice president fail to uphold any of the listed conditions, they will refuse to support his administration. However, the authenticity of the conditions is subject to questions as no northern group has made any of the above conditions public.


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